The Refresher Team

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. (African proverb)

My team and I bring bright eyes to the world of education. Whether individual learning videos, refreshing workshops or inspiring online coaching. Ulrike Margit Wahl works with the best. From the world champion to the Berlin film team.

The more challenging the project, the more our eyes light up. We stand for courage, speed, openness, enthusiasm and loyalty.

Ulrike Margit Wahl is the managing director. Her great strength is her contagious enthusiasm. She has a sharp mind and friendly tenacity. She is a design thinker and systematist in one. Ulrike Margit Wahl gives valuable impulses, sees dead ends as a challenge and speaks out what needs to be said.

She studied economics, English, German and political science at the University of Mannheim, has a degree in mediation and coaching from the Free University of Berlin and is a trained trainer for Design Thinking and Scrum. A year in the USA shaped her vision of doing. She is also a passionate mother of two children and lives with her family in the Palatinate.

15 years of practical experience, leading positions in 3 universities around quality management and change management, project management for learning test with BASF SE developed with Scrum, today effective in Dax corporations and universities.

Education is the most valuable asset in Germany. Let’s use the time to make existing universities fit for the future so that they will still be internationally competitive tomorrow – and let’s do it now.” (Ulrike Margit Wahl)

Sonia Schüttler

Sonia Schüttler supports the Refresher Team as a virtual assistant.

She is a businesswoman with years of experience in back office and customer service, which we in the Hochschulerfrischer team VERY much appreciate.

Reliable, refreshing, with entrepreneurial spirit and always the attentive eye for the added value for our fellow human beings – that is Sonia Schüttler.

She is married, has 2 children and lives in the Cologne area.

Video Producer Team

From the idea to the finished educational video. With my refreshing video team – Michael Osterhoff and Marcel Reategui everything is possible. Whether effective, human home office for the University of Emden / Leer or the carefree package around Hybrid Project Management. We are fast, listen carefully and are only satisfied when you are enthusiastic.

Professional. Fast. Human. Experienced. Inspiring.

World champion Lena Bringsken

Lena Bringsken. 2-time world champion, executive, project manager and online coach. We have been working together since 2018; back then I was allowed to accompany Lena as an online coach to the world champion and subsequently to the title defense. Today, we work hand in hand.

Lena is particularly strong in goal formulation, plan creation as well as self-reflection, unbeatable in dealing with mistakes and wonderfully refreshing in team coaching. She gives impulse lectures and is an online coach.

Inspiring personalities

Gina Schöler

I learned from Gina Schöler that happiness is my choice.

Ilja Grzeskowitz

Always on Mondays – a refreshing highlight.

Anja Förster & Peter Kreuz

Rebellious. Refreshing. Human. International and economical.