Everything you can be is already within you.

(Dominik Spenst)


You want your best choice. For you. Then let’s get started.

“It’s impressive what can be done in half an hour.”

Online coaching is an effective and impactful option. We work in a concentrated and focused way. And with enthusiasm. We start in advance with 2 questions – what problem do you want to solve? And how do you know your problem is solved? You send me the two answers in advance. And then we start working. Virtually and at eye level. You will receive valuable practical tips, notes in the chat, tried and tested templates and irritating questions which will help you to achieve clarity.

Try it out. Arrange your individual online coaching by calling 0176 8478 3160.

Maybe you will become the next world champion in your field? Because it is possible, as the following blog article shows. Here Lena Bringsken describes how our joint work in online coaching made her a 2-time world champion.

To the blog article: „How a symbolic image made me a world champion.“


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What does this mean for you?

  • 4 joint & intensive days – with your topics and focus.
  • 1 live meeting per quarter
  • 52 weeks of weekly digital impulses that suit you. Feedback included.
  • 1 closing party – a celebration for your senses. Let us surprise you.
  • Includes templates, customized manuscript, free lifetime consultation AND enthusiasm.

I am looking forward to your inquiry. And your eyes will soon shine. When you have reached your goal.