Sample around our learning videos (german language)

„We were all very impressed and can well imagine the use of the materials in all areas of the university.“ (TH Nürnberg)

  • sustainable – one-time investment; can be used immediately as often and for as long as desired
  • time-independent and flexibly adaptable to individual working rhythms
  • proven in practice – developed with universities for universities
  • eLearning – a mix of face-to-face, virtual and a strong focus on transfer (e.g. through tandems)
  • easy and quick to implement in your IT infrastructure (mp4, pdf, Excel files)
  • bonus material included – e.g. Moodle guide, handouts for tandems, free practical workshop D-A-CH
  • economical – can be ideally combined with Learning Nuggets or internal events
  • innovative – developed with professionals and high quality standards

Ready to use learning videos:

  • Hybrides Projektmanagement. BASIC.
  • Geniales Zeit- und Selbstmanagement.

Individual video production possible. On request.

  • e.g. Human and effective home office
  • e.g. Refreshing video for your faculties
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